What running can do for your heart?

Running, of all exercises is one of the most influential physical activities that help in keeping the heart diseases at bay. Running has many health benefits and a healthy heart is one of them. The human heart is an essential organ of our body, without it, it is impossible to live. Heart plays an important role in pumping the blood to all parts of our body and is also responsible for generating new blood. As we all have heard about exercise being the best medicine for our body, and it is literally true. Running has many health benefits which act well beyond any medicine or a doctor. There are numerous studies showcasing that the patients suffering from obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer are benefited with running. But what running can do for your heart? Well, running has some serious advantages on one’s heart.

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1. Cholesterol levels and Blood pressure can be maintained with running:

Regular running helps in keeping the bad cholesterol that is, Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) at bay. On the other hand, it helps in increasing the good cholesterol that is, the High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) in the body. Moreover, high blood pressure can be maintained with the help of regular running and exercise.

2. Running can help you maintain a healthy body weight:

Those who are on the verge of being called obese can use running as a leverage to maintain a healthy body weight. Running requires full body movement and usually, it will be a slow start but you will eventually get there if you remain regular. Running helps in removing the extra fat surrounded against the heart, giving it the perfect pumping mechanism. On the other hand, when you run, your breathing improves and it will help your heart to pump more blood to all the parts of your body in an effective way.

3. Running is an effective exercise for improving the quality of the heart muscle:

If your heart muscles are intact and stronger, you will never witness any heart-related problems. Running is an effective way to increase the muscle strength by removing the unwanted fat collected by its side. The more you run the stronger it will eventually get. Heart muscle is the most important part of your body, without it functioning properly; you will face problems regarding less blood flow to your brain, and more. When the walls of your heart are intact, no disease or organism can penetrate it.

4. The workload on your heart can be eased down with regular running:

As probably know that the marathon runners or the sprint runners possess a strong heart. This is because; the regular runners have a lower running pulse rate which allows them to inhale oxygen in an appropriate amount. Oxygen is what keeps us moving and without oxygen will surely die. The heart requires a proportionate amount of oxygen to pump the blood to all parts of the body and if your breathing is not improved, your oxygen intake will also be less, pressuring the heart to do all the heavy lifting.

5. Heart diseases can be tackled with running:

ACLSMedicalInstitute.com, says that running has played a major role in lowering the heart disease rates in humans. It is currently reduced by 55% which is sufficient enough to advocate for running. Running helps in unblocking blood clots in blood vessels and arteries.